Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

One of the most popular national parks in Thailand, the Erawan National Park, was designated as Thailand’s 12th national park in June 1975. The Erawan National Park, located in in the Kanchanaburi Province in West Thailand, covers an area of 550 square kilometer, mainly consisting of high mountains, up to 1,000 meters, and valleys. The area has a low average rainfall due to the high mountains protecting the area from the eastern monsoon. The major attraction of the Erawan National Park is the Erawan Waterfall, thus the rainy season is the most beautiful time to visit the park. In general the weather is really hot during the summer, the months between November and February on the other hand, are much cooler.

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Erawan National Park’s attractions

National Park Office

This area is located on the northeast side of Erawan National Park. It consists of shops, restaurants, general facilities and a big parking lot. Erawan National Park also features a campsite and bungalow area, about a few hundred meters away from the National Park Office. The bungalows can accommodate two to 50 persons, with prices varying from 800 Baht to 4000 Baht.

Erawan Waterfall

This is the main feature of Erawan National Park. The Erawan Waterfall, located in the east side of the park, can easily be reached by from the National Park Office. The waterfall is seven-tiered and each tier features a number of smaller falls flowing into ponds, which are perfect for swimming and relaxing. Expect a lot of fish swimming together with you. All piers are accessible by trails and footbridges, the last one is the most challenging. Keep in mind that beyond the second pier food is strictly forbidden.


Leaving from the National Park Office, there are several forest trails which you can walk. Among other things you can walk the Khao Hin Lan Pee Nature Trail and the Mong Lay Dry Evergreen Forest Natural Trail. The first one is about five kilometer and takes about two to three hours. The fifth pier is the end of this trail. The other forest trail leads you among the waterfall and takes less than one hour.





Besides the Erawan Waterfall and the forest trails, Erawan National Park features some interesting caves as well: the Phartat Cave, the Ta Duang Cave, the Mi Cave and the Reua Cave. The Phartat Cave and the Mi Cave contain stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations. Additionally, “mi” means “bear” in Thai, it is believed that this cave was home to bears. The Ta Duang Cave contains evidence of past human habitation.

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